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Images - Plate Tectonics

Images - Plate Tectonics

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A synopsis of plate tectonics

Gullfoss, Iceland

Convection currents drive plate movement.

The Andes' Volcanic Belt.

Andean Volcanic Belt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Transform fault

East Africa Rift Valley

Andes Mountain Range

Mountainous Chile

between two tectonic plates at Pingvellit

subduction zone

Continental/continental convergent boundaries will form volcanic mountain ranges.

constructive plate boundaries

Sea floor spreading w/ magnetic stripes

Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Pacific Ocean

Pangaea animation

Types of Plate Boundaries

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    When the continents were cuddling.

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animation for divergent to convergent boundaries

animation of convection currents

Major tectonic plates with directional movement arrows.

EarthScienceinMaine - 6.4 Theory of Plate Tectonics

Rift valley in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on Iceland.

active rift valley