Excuse me while I light my house on fire. I have a bad obsession with FIREMEN!

ryan renolds

Ryan Reynolds is wearing a sweater vest. I repeat Ryan Reynolds is wearing a sweater vest love this comment!

Hot tub

You might get bored in a hot tub but you'll never be bored in an outdoor Japanese hot spring. This is Shirahone Hot Springs found in northern Japan

Adam Levine... love him and all of his tattoos!

Eye Candy Sexy Adam Levine Married Me This Men Adamlevine Things .

Robert Downey Jr.

He is one of my favorite actors! Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man :) .not to mention Only You is one of my favorite movies ever!

Chris Hemsworth

CinemaCon: Awards Go To Chris Hemsworth, Blake Lively

RD Jr.

I AM A FAN. Robert Downey Junior- He's naughty but w. A charismatic man and a talented actor too. I Love him the most in the film Less than Zero like fine wine.

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