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Succulent mosaic- garden idea

SUCCULENT: A mosaic garden, beautiful. As our summer/fall temps get wackier and water is a resource that we need to be smart about -- succulents (and the things we can do with them) are great garden additions.

Succulent garden

Succulent garden - take cuttings from my sedums - maybe do in September, do tote in Nov and quilling Dec? or wait till spring?

Succulent Garden

For the front of the house. Succulent Garden-one of these will go in at beachy beach house and ill try one at desert house.

container gardening - buckets of succulents

Great idea for patio.buckets of succulents. container gardening, landscaping, gardening, Interesting pails instead of vases for centerpieces


Succulents are so beautiful! I've posted a picture of succulents before, but I just couldn't resist! Look at all these beautiful colors, and imagine owning these succulents! Succulents are Easy to take care of as house plants and Absolutely beautiful!


Tiered Succulents I like this idea, just use a recycled cake stand with dirt and succulents. I have a large number over growing my strawberry pot out front. Time to try this idea in the back for sure!

Tiered succulent container garden. I already have most of these in various places, and I think having them in one space will look great!

I love how height was created to add interest in this tiered succulent container garden made with broken pot pieces.

Rebutia fiebrigii densispina

Photographed at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. This specimen can be found in the Desert Garden Conservatory. According to the label, this cactus is native to Bolivia and Argentina.