Christian Bale (my kind of sexy)

Christian Bale believe it or not i do not like him as batman. Personally michael keaton is my favorite batman. But my favorite performance of his is in (out of the furnace)

ahs evan peters

Evan Peters - I have a board dedicated to him (secret) and he is my biggest celebrity crush. Talented actor, too.

Evan Peters / Black & White Photography

Evan Peters (American Horror Story) this Kid is awesome!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio - probably the only man on this earth that looks younger everyday. I love this man.

Evan Peters

Evan Peters…seriously…so cute. Probably the only reason I can keep watching American Horror Story no matter how freaked out I am.

Top Gun, a classic. One of Tom Cruise's most beloved movies. Rumors of a sequel coming.

Top Gun 1986 - Tom Cruise as Maverick

Evan Peters...American Horror Story!

Evan Peters as Kyle Spencer for American Horror Story Coven Hood Marks I'm in love. I still love Dylan o brien better though U NEED TO WATCH

+Johnny Knoxville - I pretty much operate on adrenaline and ignorance+

you had me at "hi my name is johnny knoxville, welcome to jackass". I Love this guy!

leonardo dicaprio

I want to meet Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Cruise. Love all his movies

highly over-rated sense of self + formulaic movies = bore