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I can sew?

I can sew?

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corset pattern for someone who isn't me Mar. 24th, 2008 at 8:52 AM TFP Vehicon with cookie by Mewsing Yesterday, I drafted a pattern for an underbust corset for [info]rhube, according to the method I blogged about a few weeks ago. I haven't made the toile yet, but I thought I'd post pictures of the pattern drafting process, as they'll probably be a bit more useful than my shoddy diagrams in the last post! Important notes As before, centre back is on the left and centre front is on the right. [info]rhube has said that she wants this corset to have a straight top and bottom edge, and so there will be no shaping, unlike the one I made for myself. This is meant to augment the previous post, which has far more detail in it! The observant among you will note that the centre front panel doesn't resemble centre front panels in most commercially available underbusts. This is because I'm experimenting. If you try out this method, you might like to split the front panel into two, or have less shaping between the front two panels, and move the shaping out to the side. *** 1. I began with a box. Width is half [info]rhube's underbust measurement minus two, divided by two. Hight is the distance between her true waist and where she wants the top of the corset to sit. NB: I used her underbust measurement where I'd used my waist measurement in the other post, because her ribcage is larger than her waist, whereas my waist is pudgier than my ribcage :P I divided the box into a grid to make five panels. I prefer the front panel to be slightly larger than the others, and the second panel in to be slightly smaller. The others are equal. 2. Basic waist shaping. I took a total of four inches from the waist, and drew in the basic shaping. 3. I drew another box. Width is [info]rhube's hip measurement minus two, divided by two. Height is the distance between her waist and where she wants the corset to end. I divided the box into a grid, as before, using similar proportions. I then lined up the CF and CB panels at the waistline, and positioned the other panels in the centre of each of the new panels. 4. Next step was to add the rest of the basic shaping. 5. As it is, this pattern is too angular at the waist for what [info]rhube wants. So the next step was waist shaping. With tracing, yay fun! I gave each of the panels a clear curve. They will still go in considerably at the waist, but will have a gentler curve than the one I made for myself. 7. The final stage was to line up the pattern pieces and make sure that the top and bottom edges would be smooth. I've drawn on these, honest :P Didn't show up with the flash though! *** The next step will be to make the toile and test out the pattern. As soon as that happens, with [info]rhube's permission, there will be photos. [info]rhube and I have similar proportions, but different measurements, so it was interesting to see how differently our patterns look! I also drafted an overbust corset for myself yesterday, but seeing as I did it using the 'botch and see what happens' method, and I've not yet made a toile, the photos of that will come later :P Mood: cheerful cheerful Tags: corsetry, crafts, friends, patterns 29 comments Leave a comment Add to Memories Share Link Comments ( 29 comments — Leave a comment ) [info]rhube wrote: Mar. 24th, 2008 10:09 am (UTC) Squee! It is exciting to see it thusly. And I totally give my permission for photos - I am a (not-so)secret camwhore.

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