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Tori Praver for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, 2008 - Hawaii Surf Girl VW Mint Green Bamboo Surfboard Roof Bikini Photograph Poster Art Photography Beach Vintage Retro

Vintage VW Beetle (Bug) overloaded with surfboards.


Just a Car Guy: Kombi website of enormous variety, illustrates just how incredibly versatile the camper van is

red VW Beetle 2012

The 2012 Beetle retains one characteristic from the 1938 Type Personality rather than performance is still its strong suit. As always, the Beetle remains the people's car.

How to fix a vintage baja

Other VW Vehicles / Volksrods - View topic - Sweet rat rods.

sexy VW

Summer summer summertime… readingtimewithapickle: “ Oh, Marisa Miller. Your body is so perfect.