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Restore a Whiteboard

how to restore dry erase white boards that become hard to erase and/or require constant cleaning. whiteboard becomes easy to erase again. wipe with paper towel.

Headphone Splitter!

Music Branches Headphone Splitter


Sanwa stereoscopic YouTube viewer turns your iPhone into a big-screen 3D TV

Sanwa View-Master allows you to watch Video on iPhone.Watching videos through Sanwa View-master is so much fun and simple.

New-Bike-Share-System_rafaa_5.jpg (560×528)

2010 reddot design award winning Copenhagen bike share system is the creation of RAFFA Arhictecture & Design. This bicycle sharing plan, developed for the city of Copenhagen, is projected to increase bicycling from to by

Hydrofolder makes origami folder out of a printer.

Hydro-Fold: A Printer That Spits Out Easy-To-Make Origami

Industrial Origami - this modified printer automatically forms the origami that has been printed using ink & water.

Since BEFORE I worked for Apple (83-85), loved the logo-now color is BACK!

Apple started gay, turned black, went bling, tried white, and then gave up and became gay again.

Google holiday doodle day 1

'Tis The Season! For Holiday Google Doodles Of Papercraft Models & Cutouts

Holidays 2015 (Day - Doodle artist Robinson Wood has created several festive characters and items that were inspired by papercraft models and cut outs.

First New Blue Pigment in Over 200 Years is Being Made into a Crayon

First New Blue Pigment in Over 200 Years is Being Made into a Crayon

TeachShirts by

TeachShirts by

A PostIt Table - THINK WIDE!! Not just for artists, be creative, be a design thinker.

The Post-itable by SoupStudio Design is a table made for designers, or really anyone that could use a giant post-it note handy at all times. The table allows you to easily record your ideas on post-it.

I would love one of these - I'm going to pin this to my UX Matters board as well. #ux #vizthink

The Analog Memory Desk from Kirsten Camara brings us back to our roots in a fabulous way. Kirsten added a roll of paper to a great looking work desk.

ISKN technologie

ISKN Team is raising funds for iSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad! on Kickstarter! iSketchnote is a smart iPad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience of a notebook.

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