love :)

bringing home the tree! Caption: Man driving a vintage 1941 Ford pickup with a Christmas wreath on the grill and a tree in the back during Winter in Southcentral, Alaska.

Lil' get away!

Pete's 1964 Shasta trailer - an Astroflyte - a gorgeous restoration

I love the idea of a multiple-bed room where people can still have a little privacy.

put a pull curtain around the double bed on cleats like the dressing room - Cool idea for a bunk room to give a little privacy. We need to do this in our family cabin loft

This will be my other ride.

1964 Baby Blue Ford Mustang Convertible, an American classic I'd love to have.

The Hennek Residence - eclectic - kids - atlanta - Resort Custom Homes

Basic built-in bunk bed. Houzz readers loved the custom, grown-up color of this built-in bunk bed. Several even wanted this space-saving solution for their guest rooms.Idea for the kids room

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