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Christmas decorating ideas for work

If you’re planning to decorate pinecones, bake them first to eliminate any bugs! | 26 Party Hacks For The Holidays

winter display with twigs and salt

Frosted Icy branches: Sticks & branches White spray paint Spray adhesive Epsom salt Coarse white glitter Fine iridescent glitter Spray branches w/ paint When dry, spray a coat of adhesive onto the branches, over an old cookie sheet sprinkle Epsom salts onto them Put any extra salt back into the container Move the branches away from the cookie sheet & spray w/ adhesive again. Move them back over the sheet & sprinkle w/ the coarse glitter Repeat the process w/ the fine glitter

To Do: Make my own frost paint...Mix equal parts of boiling water and Epsom Salts in a glass (1/4 cup of each should be plenty). Stir until the salts are dissolved and let cool.

from Seasons November-December 2010:: pretty Christmas tablescape with lanterns, candles, and branches. Very winter wonderland.

Gingerbread House Winter wonderland Classroom Door Decorations!

Create a simple tree out of Christmas lights.

christmas tree: cover cone with saran wrap, wrap with yarn, slather with glue, let dry, remove cone... viola!

How to Make the Glowing Gift Boxes

Ah!! And here's how to make that cool mesh wreath. (Wreath tutorial)

door covers. I would love to see how creative my kids get with snowman faces.

Little Bit Funky: 20 minute crafter - make a giant star for less than $5!

Tips + Ideas for throwing a festive holiday Christmas Morning Party!

love the old time christmas stuff