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Might Be True, Might Not Be... Either Way Here It Is.

Funny pictures about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Oh, and cool pics about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Also, Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes photos.

Learn the Basics of Korean Numbers with this Handy Infographic

Korean numbers can seem very difficult at first, but once you get the basics of how they work, it's pretty easy.although I still have trouble with the native Korean numbers. These are jus.

Know your colors in Korean                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Know your colors in Korean

Really want to learn a new language in Know Your Colors in Korean - Dom

Fruit Names in Korean Infographic - Dom

Top 25 Useful Korean Phrases Are you a Korean learner? Or are you planning to visit Korea? Well, then these 25 Korean phrases are the ones you MUST learn. They are the most useful and basic phrases.

forever, gift, crazy, still, together, like, like this, lie, I don’t know, how, please, but, heart, time

Because, you know, there are certain basic Korean words you need to know to watch KDramas. :) <--- Agreed, but I often use subtitles to help me

Don'ts in Korean                                                                                                                                                      More

Now I know the "Jee-ma"s so when my siblings do something annoying I can say "hajima" and they'll stop because they're confused


the first things you need to know when you're learning Korean :D Excuse the language