Veggie Skeleton

Wouldn't Veggie Man be fun for the kids to put together? I think they would love it. Just have a photo of Veggie man for them to look at! Who knows, they might even eat a vegetable! Feeding Four Little Monkeys

This is great!

"Pull to Sound Alarm" Pacifier - Haha I have the mute button but I love this


My mom doesn't want your advice onesie/kid's shirt via Baby Brewing


My son always wants to dress up as a super hero for Halloween, it gets old year after year. This is a cute twist on superhero/alter ego- Clark Kent/Superman costume--so cute!

Top 10 Craft blogs for our kids

edible finger paint - it worked well (used gel food coloring and fage greek yogurt). 21 month old didn't quite get the concept of finger painting and wanted to eat it instead :) Wait so youre telling me. you can eat paint now?


Items similar to Halloween Pumpkin Photo prop - Great for photography sessions & cute fall decor on Etsy

chalkboard table--so easy to make with chalkboard paint and an old table!

this little chalk board table is an awesome idea. Cover the top of the table with chalkboard paint. We used tint-able chalk board paint on the one we made, had it tinted purple. The grandkids love it.


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