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Swell waterbottles - keeps water cold for up to 24 hours (absolutely great for keeping hydrated in the warm summer months)

One of my favorite things is on sale at Zulily this weekend. I'm stocking up for the holidays! :: Purple Goldie CableKeep for iOS by Nice

SLEEP PHONES!! They are earphones to sleep with. Great if you want to listen to music but your roommate or partner does not! Comfy to lay on and the other person doesn't hear them! GREAT GIFT!

The Orb, A Bluetooth Headset That Turns Into A Ring. Every now and then you see a product and you just assume that it’s a concept. I mean, heck, it’s just too smart for anyone to be producing it! And every now and then you’d be entirely wrong, like now. The Orb is an actual Bluetooth headset that transforms into a ring and vice-versa. Wear it like a ring and its Flexible OLED (in the Deluxe edition) will display caller info, calendar items and voice-to-text info.

This flexible, yet strong, phone charger could come in handy (especially in a car to display a map)

SO COOL!!!! A sofa that folds down into a full size bed - perfect for guests or would be nice to watch movies in the basement!

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