Debora Pereira

Debora Pereira

Debora Pereira
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Caja de madera . Bodas.

Could do something similar to this with a ladder. Measure what the diameter of each step is an make a tray, then fill full of jars. Wooden ladder please! jars of moonshine?

As 4 Top lojas de queijos de Paris | Eu como sim

I could live on a diet of cheese, olives, french bread, avocado, asparagus and red wine.

Paper Bag Business Card |

A Collection of the Best Business Cards - Jukebox Print Inspiration (You could put a little water bottle, Epsom salt w/lavender, and a few other goodies in your bag after massage)

Darling Refuge - Decoration

Counter Roll Holders: Handy for Sandwiches and nice cheeses. The Woodsman Tavern (Portland, OR) LOVE this for the wrapping area in my garage.