q-tip painting . . . count by 10's  100th day activity

q-tip painting . count by day activity { fine motor work too!} I like this idea for teaching the concept of time. Do 60 instead and count by

given to students on the 100th day of school

100th Day of School Award

This award is given to the students on the day of school. This award uses Creative teaching press's Day artwork which is s copyright violation. The seller needs to stop selling this item or replace the art with her own artwork!

100th Day Celebration

Day Celebration - First Grade Critter Cafe goes all out for the day! There are some really fun ideas and freebies too.

100th day. making words.

Tie literacy into your Day festivities! There are three different versions in this file. "Making Words" with the letters in.

100th Day

Flip a coin 100 times and color the squares according to what you get-- heads or tails. Count how many of each, then write a math problem about ths game that will (hopefully) add up to