Writing & Fine Motor

As a former elementary Art teacher and a consultant to Zaner-Bloser (yes!! they commissioned me to create a CD of original children's songs "On the Road to Handwriting") I have always been interested in supporting Fine Motor development. The board is now collaborative! www.RainbowsWithinReach.blogspot.com **Debbie Clement**
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Best Toys 4 Toddlers - Best Developmental Toys for Toddlers (part of Playroom 101 series)

Soap Foam Printing for Summer Art | Fireflies and Mud Pies

Such a basic idea for a threading activity!

Pattern activities for Kindergarten, beginner math

Build a lightsaber using counting blocks or cubes to encourage math through play with your Star Wars fan!

Kids will love to practice letter matching with alphabet cookies!

Sugar Aunts: Magnetic Letters on the Garage Door

DIY zipper board for kids. Great for fine motor and sensory development.

Do your kids love NERF® battles? This epic dart belt hack will keep them playing longer and even help with cleanup!

Another common writing issue in the early grades is students not using their non-writing hand to stabilize their paper. Here’s a cute and effective strategy to help.

Blog post on why students reverse letters. FREE downloadable cue cards

Although there are several strategies that can be used to teach and remind students to space between words, a preferred method is the one which includes using small stickers.

This is a fun eye hand coordination activity for kids. Bonus, it's a snack too!

Try these sensory integration therapy ideas at the playground for vestibular and proprioceptive sensory input.

Sugar Aunts: Visual Motor Skills

Kids can work on fine motor skills and color matching awareness while beading feathers.

Kids rely on their development of visual perceptual skills for so many functional tasks. From handwriting to self-care, visual motor skills are important! This blog has so many ideas for activities to work on visual motor and eye hand coordination with kids!


Kids will love to play this finger dexterity activity to work on fine motor skills.

Easy Patriotic Craft for Kids: American Flag Necklace and/or Bracelet Craft using pony beads and straws! Perfect for the 4th of July! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

3 Fun Valentine Themed Busy Bags - Loom Bands Fine Motor Hearts

Roundup post with links to lots of free printables plus Montessori-inspired ideas and activities for scissor practice and paper cutting

A great idea for teaching kids how to sew! Using burlap and twine - great for preschoolers. Sewing is fabulous handwork to develop fine motor skills.

Special Education Handwriting Ideas...grips paper, tips, tricks and tools.

Best Toys 4 Toddlers - Astronaut Pretend Play with Fine Motor Practice for Toddlers and Preschoolers