Writing & Fine Motor

As a former elementary Art teacher and a consultant to Zaner-Bloser (yes!! they commissioned me to create a CD of original children's songs "On the Road to Handwriting") I have always been interested in supporting Fine Motor development. The board is now collaborative! www.RainbowsWithinReach.blogspot.com **Debbie Clement**
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Cute and easy Busy Bunnies Directed Drawing and Writing FREEBIE!! A great way to incorporate writing, art, and holidays in your classroom!

Acorn Bells: A Sweet Nature Craft for Kids | Fireflies and Mud Pies

This invitation is a simple garden fine motor activity that is perfect in the Spring. It uses a transfer motion and also strengthens hand eye coordination.

Make a DIY Pencil Gripper with balloons to encourage a tripod grasp and proprioceptive input during handwriting.

One of my favorite multi-sensory activities.

Super easy tool for those kiddos who need a little extra movement

Great winter themed hands-on activities for math centers!

Ages of typical development for children in getting dressed. Developmental milestones for independence.

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Looking for some fun outdoor lawn games for a summer party? Look no further. We put together a list from some of the most creative bloggers out there! #grossmotor #outdoorgames #summer #kids #The Sugar Aunts

By #TheSugarAunts Use a grated cheese container to work on tripod grasp through play. Use a single color to explore color with Toddlers. Also great for eye-hand coordination and cause and effect.

#finemotor play with large foam beads you can find at the Dollar Store. By #TheSugarAunts

The Printable Princess: Developing Fine Motor Skills

Two fine motor play ideas for working on In-hand manipulation skills. Make #finemotor strengthening fun! By the Sugar Aunts

Use little toys around the house to create a real-toy "I Spy" game. Explore and learning games for all ages. #creativelearningthroughplay By The Sugar Aunts

Functional Skills for Kids and independence in kids for self-care tasks like dressing, feeding, clothing fasteners, and more. These are the areas that a child might see and Occupational Therapist for to work on functional skills and OT goals.

Peel tape off the table (fine motor skills!)

Paper scraps and contact paper...easy Toddler Art! We're celebrating the Fourth of July and also working on fine motor skills. #TheSugarAunts #kidsactivities #fourthofjuly #toddlers

Encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom and in your school community with this large, visually-engaging growth mindset poster. This fun, collaborative activity features inspirational quotes from famous persons. A great back to school activity!

Collaboration posters that you can use all over school. Great for your bulletin board displays or centers. Included are, We Heart Reading, We Heart Art, We Heart Science, and a bonus We heart Math poster.

A to Z Poetry Notebook! 26 poems and tasks to help teach letters, sounds, and concepts of print. $

What writers Do anchor chart-- Inspired by Lucy Calkins Writer's workshop by Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

Family Reunion games and activities for family fun | The Sugar Aunts | #lawngames

Summer Play ideas with a list from A-Z of playful learning ideas that allow a kid to just be a kid...while making great memories! | Sugar Aunts #summer #kidsactivities #kids

This is a great way to practice printing letters, sight words, spelling words, you name it!