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Deborah Davidson

Deborah Davidson
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Sooo true!!!

This so true. I can perform in front of big crowds with no problem but have me give a speech in front of a small group of people & I will be ready to pass out. This is so true

Dance Quote

"Forget about everything, except the dance. After all,everything we have to learn in this life is TO itsekf teaches us the rest :) So true !

I do this, all the time.♥ Wonderful!

And every single roommate looks at me funny when I'm dancing to the music in my head while waiting for something to cook. Honestly, it beats just standing there.

This quote really embodies what dance can b for one who dances w/ an open heart.

When my soul is hurting DANCE makes me feel better. When I am Overwhelmed DANCE helps me forget for a while. When I face struggles DANCE inspires me to keep going. When I lose confidence DANCE gives it back. I have been given one of the greatest.