Debbie Retnoningrum

Debbie Retnoningrum

I am an unbelievable person. Truly unbelievable.
Debbie Retnoningrum
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Medieval Château de Menthon ~ Menthon Saint-Bernard, Haute Savoie, France

The castle of Menthon Saint Bernard in Haute Savoie, France. (Château de Menthon) is a medieval castle located in the commune of Menthon-Saint-Bernard.

A cute street in Edinburgh,Scotland

Although I have yet to visit this country, I'm absolutely in love with the rich history woven into the cobblestone roads - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Isabella's Window ~ Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England

Isabella's window carisbrooke castle isle of wight England I thought this was a door, but it's a really great window with stone steps and seats outside. Wonderful texture and ambiance. Isabella's window carisbrooke castle isle of wight England.