"7 New Ways to Use Pinterest" (from Julie/The Hyper House)

Good pinning tips from Julie at The Hyper House!

How to add a "Pin It" Mouseover Button to your blog photos.

Add a Pinterest Mouseover Button to Your Blog Images

Easy trick to add a "Pin It" Button that appears when the mouse is held over an image

How to use Pinterest for Genealogy  Family History. Pinterest provides many benefits for those researching #genealogy

Do Genealogy Work

If you want to pin a picture directly from Facebook..  1. Install the "Pin it"-Bookmarklet  2. Click on the Facebook picture you want to pin   3. Right-click and choose "view image"  4. Make sure the .jpg-URL is shown in your in your browsers address bar.  5. Pin it!

When I right click I don't see "view image" - can anyone explain this to me?

Pass it on...

Pass it on. help to fight fake pins and spam. I always try to check the sources, so you can do it to. If you want post your notes and warnings on fake boards with dangerous links here.

Been there. Pinned that.

true, over pins! Pinned That. And probably pinned it numerous times.


We found this on Face Book today and picked up some useful information and guidelines.

How to find lost links on Pinterest

How to find original links on Pinterest

Do you ever click a really awesome pin and it leads to some spammer site or nothing at all? Well, here's how to find lost links on

How to Rock Pinterest Like a Pro, sharing a few of my favorite tips on Momcomm.com

Must read post by the awesome Stacy Teet.

12 tips to massively increase your Pinterest traffic

12 tips to massively increase your Pinterest traffic

So many of you have beautiful DIY, travel, and food photos and you're absolutely missing out on a huge chunk of traffic if you're not putting time into creating high-quality images and pinning your.

Who comes first in the morning? God or the re-pin?  Good thoughts!!!!

Pin God first! I know I've already pinned this but when I saw it the other day it was late so I pinned it then we'll now this is the first pin today


Get rid of spam pins

Carol says this is a MUST READ for all Pinterest users! Pinterest ettique. Very well said and right on target. Please read! @Lara Garner Thank you Ellie... so on target!

A wonderful reminder post from Less Cake More Frosting to stay KIND & mind your internet manners.

Group Boards #Pinterest Tutorial

Group Boards Tutorial, Exactly what I need

1/19/13  Please note ****** Please read the description of each board you are a member of and stay on topic.   Those members who do not pin according to the theme of the board will be removed without notice. ******   Helpful hints did you know that you need to put a "@" in front of the persons name so the message will go directly to their email?

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