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All The Things I Am Grateful For...

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Each day we rush around, from the moment we wake until the time we go to sleep. In all our busyness we forget to take a moment and appreciate what helps us move through our days……that which if it wasn’t there, would stop us in our tracks. I would like to start and share the things which I am so grateful and so appreciative for, yet in all my busyness, fail to express this gratitude daily. So here they are....

I am unable to list here all the friends I am grateful for in my know who you are. I appreciate our friendship, our good times and bad. Life would be nothing without you xx

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The Key To Happiness....I'm still on a path but I know I am almost there. Happiness is something I feel every day and I am grateful I can experience this beautiful feeling no matter what is going on in my life. Thank you to all my mentors who, through their message have taught me their wisdom.

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In my office sits a stunning peace lily which was given to me by a good friend. When I look at it I think of her and the amazing, albeit brief time we shared together and know I have a friend for life, no matter where I am. Lies, I am so grateful our paths crossed x

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Nothing calms me more than my morning meditation. Before the world awakes, I awaken my soul.

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We share every day life, bundled up in a stunning silver rectangle case. Need I say more.

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Organic Food: Healthier for You and the Planet

I am so blessed to be able to have organic produce daily. I am grateful for our box which is delivered each Friday and for the farm stall at the local markets. Thank you!

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Where I live...Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, a beautiful place and perfectly captured time and time again by Uge @ Aquabumps

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Knowledge pays the best interest.... More than a dozen of my favourite books, that fit neatly in my handbag. Brilliant.

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My family...whom I love with all my heart.

Not a moment goes by in my day when I don't feel grateful for this amazing man. My best friend and love of my life, I adore you and appreciate everything you do x