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All The Things I Am Grateful For...

Each day we rush around, from the moment we wake until the time we go to sleep. In all our busyness we forget to take a moment and appreciate what helps us move through our days……that which if it wasn’t there, would stop us in our tracks. I would like to start and share the things which I am so grateful and so appreciative for, yet in all my busyness, fail to express this gratitude daily. So here they are....

All The Things I Am Grateful For...

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From the original pinner: "Last year, I made a commitment to flirt with my husband every single day... and it's revolutionized our marriage. I dare you to try it. Here are some great ideas to help you get started." haha these are fun to read :)

Where I live...Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, a beautiful place and perfectly captured time and time again by Uge @ Aquabumps

I am so blessed to be able to have organic produce daily. I am grateful for our box which is delivered each Friday and for the farm stall at the local markets. Thank you!

  • Leslie Brady
    Leslie Brady

    Wow, I am jealous! I live in the US, Boise, ID. No deliveries here!

I am unable to list here all the friends I am grateful for in my know who you are. I appreciate our friendship, our good times and bad. Life would be nothing without you xx

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The Key To Happiness....I'm still on a path but I know I am almost there. Happiness is something I feel every day and I am grateful I can experience this beautiful feeling no matter what is going on in my life. Thank you to all my mentors who, through their message have taught me their wisdom.

Endless laughter, joy and unconditional love is what this little man gives me on a daily basis. I am so grateful you are part my life little man.

Not a moment goes by in my day when I don't feel grateful for this amazing man. My best friend and love of my life, I adore you and appreciate everything you do x

My family...whom I love with all my heart.

Nothing calms me more than my morning meditation. Before the world awakes, I awaken my soul.

In my office sits a stunning peace lily which was given to me by a good friend. When I look at it I think of her and the amazing, albeit brief time we shared together and know I have a friend for life, no matter where I am. Lies, I am so grateful our paths crossed x

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Yoga at Bronte Beach with Evolution To Wellbeing. At times I sigh at the 5:30am alarm clock, yet as I watch the sun rising over the becomes so worth it. Thank you for getting me up at this beautiful time of day.

My morning Soy Latte at Central Baking Depot. Thank you. You are the start to my day...

Knowledge pays the best interest.... More than a dozen of my favourite books, that fit neatly in my handbag. Brilliant.

We share every day life, bundled up in a stunning silver rectangle case. Need I say more.

Apple - MacBook Pro

My Jasmin Day Cream. Natural. Organic. Beautiful. Most of all I love that it is Australian owned and made..