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    symmetrical increases

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    Knit stitch. Cast on multiples of 4. Knit all right side (odd) rows. Row 2 and 4: p1k3 across. Row 6 and 8: k2, *p1k3 across to end, end with p1k1. Repeat 8 rows for pattern. Or for Row 6 and 8, start with a k1 and end with p1k2.

    knit. k1p3. shift every 3 rows |

    Karen blog insert (620x600)

    FREE Lorna's Laces shawl pattern • LoveKnitting Blog

    Free Printable Knitting Tags | First Pancake Studios

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    Free Knitting Tutorial from Creative Knitting newsletter: Tutorial: Steam Vs. Wet Blocking by Tabetha Hedrick. Click on the photo to access the tutorial. Sign up for this free newsletter here: AnniesNewsletters....

    Tutorial: Steam Vs. Wet Blocking - Creative Knitting Newsletter - November 29, 2013 - Vol. 10 No. 16

    blocking tutorial

    Using Blocking Wires To Block A Lace Shawl

    If you don't yet know the Mattress Stitch, check out this video and learn to make a simple, invisible seam. From Berroco.

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    Learn how to sew your knitted piece together using the Whip Stitch, Invisible Stitch and the Top Stitch

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    Knit with eliZZZa * iCord Bind Off without Pain - YouTube

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    How to Knit the I-Cord Cast On

    How to Knit the I-Cord Cast On -

    How To: Mattress Stitch - The Technique of Sewing Pieces Together on the Right Side for a Virtually Invisible Seam and Making Great Looking Knitted Toys

    Mochimochi Land « How-to: Mattress Stitch

    Painless I-Cord Cast On . . . . so much easier than what I've seen in other places. Also, if your first stitches aren't in tension, she gives some great hints!

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    The most elastic cast-on in the world - YouTube

    The most elastic cast-on in the world

    more cool cast-on techniques!

    See Eunny Knit!: Majoring in Lace - Part IV


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    Judy's Magic Cast On Tutorial

    Designing a basic sock...Part 2

    I-Cord Cast On - YouTube

    I-Cord Cast On - YouTube

    Old Norwegian Cast On tutorial - a stretchy cast on perfect for soxks

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    ▶ Sweater Finishing: Pick up Stitches Around the Neck - YouTube

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    Elastic Cast-On Method for Knitting Socks - knitting tutorial video demonstrating the long-tail cast-on method

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    How to Knit Short Rows - YouTube

    How to Knit Short Rows

    Yarn Over Short Rows

    Short Rows Tutorial Part 3: Yarn Over Short Rows

    Learn How to UnKnit or Tink Your Knitting | Red Heart

    Learn How to UnKnit or Tink Your Knitting


    I-Cord Bind Off

    How to determine the weight of your yarn, using a pencil and a ruler.

    How-To: Determine the Weight of Your Yarn