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The real problem with reality is lack of background music. Think of it: As soon as the dark minor key music started, you'd know to start praying harder and WATCH OUT!

Riomaggiore, Italy.  Such a beautiful place! Went there for our honeymoon.

Dusk, Riomaggiore, Italy photo via josie - This town is part of Cinque Terre. Such a beautiful place in Italy. We took a train right there.

Glitter pumpkins!

DIY glitter pumpkin candle holders Supplies: Styrofoam Pumpkin Candle Drill Hole Saw Attachment for drill (found at hardware stores) Craft Glue Glitter


Girl photography "Let the music play" by Imantas Boiko

5 Ways To Make Your Home Your Sanctuary.

Loads of candles and the uniqueness of this beautiful corner fireplace make a wonderful focal point in this room. Having a corner fireplace frees up 3 walls for furniture arranging.


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Fun and simple! This is beautiful autumn art that you can do with pumpkins, even if you're not into Halloween.

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Ha but I'm high! Hit it again before I left! And a ton when you were gone!

Jimi Hendrix quote on Music - Love of Life Quotes