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1400's Historical

1400's Historical

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Venetian, 15th C. Pile-on-pile velvet, brocaded with gold (Poli, precise citation lost)

Archive of St. Etienne: PATTERN RECOGNITION

MS. Douce 364 Type of object: Manuscript Material: parchment Page size: approx. 335 x 254 mm Author (if known): Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meung Title text: Le Roman de la Rose. Country or nationality of origin: French Date: c. 1460-1470

женский костюм 2 пол. 15 в., Франция

Devonshire Hunting Tapestries | Boar and Bear (Detail) | 1420s

Gothic illuminated pages from the 15th century

Robert Campin 1438

basket, knife, glass, pitcher, headscarf: detail from Tod Mariens: Kunstwerk: Temperamalerei-Holz ; Einrichtung sakral ; Flügelaltar ; Meister des Eggelsberger Altars ; Oberösterreich Dokumentation: 1481 ; 1481 ; Linz ; Österreich ; Oberösterreich ; Schloßmuseum Anmerkungen: Eggelsberg bei Schärding

The Shepherd's Great Calendar, 15th century

Caxton's 1484 edition of The Canterbury Tales

.:. Dieric Bouts, The Feast of Passover (detail). between 1464 and 1467. oil on panel.

Chalice, mid 15th century...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Chalice

Shoes in the Wall--article--many date to 1700's, 1800's, but even as far back as the 1400's. Folklore suggests built into walls to ward off evil

Codex rotundus. Book of Hours (9 cm diameter) made in Bruges in 1480.

ADEVA Fine Art Facsimile Editions in detail

The Bedford Book of Hours is an outstanding work of late medieval manuscript art. It was produced for the wedding of John, Duke of Bedford, to Anne of Burgundy on 13 May 1423. This page shows an illustration of the building of Noah's Ark. Books of hours were popular medieval texts that included prayers, psalms and often beautiful illustrations.

Great example of how a badge--even one made of multiple items--must meet the "single pour" test. This badge of Arthur, Prince of Wales (1486-1502), brother of Henry VIII.

Three arrows; Prince Arthur? | Museum of London

Encampment with wagons, the Wolfegg Housebook, after 1480

Italian 15th-16th century longsword and buckler

Our Traditions | Chicago Swordplay Guild

ok 1480

Master of the Housebook. Jousting Tournament. c. 1475/1485. Schloß Wolfegg / Sammlung Fürst von Waldberg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee. Wolfegg, Germany. Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur.

gluckliche-eme's image

Feldbüch der Wundartzney (1497) by Hans von Gersdorff In the illustration by the famous German surgeon Hans von Gersdorff (ca 1480-1540), note that the physician was using his left hand as a tourniquet to both reduce bleeding, and to compress the nerves for pain control. The man on the right of the illustration was wearing a “T,” likely indicating that he suffered from St. Anthony’s Fire, which was probably erysipelas, a Group A streptococcal infection common at the time

Amputation | Collect Medical Anitques

Washington Haggadah - Medieval Hebrew illuminated manuscripts, created in the 15th century by scribe and artist Joel ben Simeon.

A battle scene, c. 1470. Cotton MS. (from Pamela Porter's Medieval Warfare)

Joust. Jean of Wavrin. Title Recueil des croniques d’Engleterre Origin: France, N. E. (Lille?) and Netherlands, S. (Bruges). Date: c. 1470. British Library. Medieval Imago & Dies Vitae Idade Media e Cotidiano

God Enthroned at the Summit of the Cosmos - Bible illustrated by Evert Van Soudenbalch, Dutch , circa 1460

Dutch, God Rules the Cosmos, Zoudenbalch Bible

Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany | c. 1425

File:Mendel I 004 v.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Woodcut showing kitchen scene from German Cookbook - 'Kuchenmeistery', 1485