beautiful space

Beautiful library , Love the high ceiling & detailing. I want an office that you would walk in and thought an old man owned it. Very studious and thoughtful atmosphere. Perfect for work and resear

Great studio apt set-up

Adam's Afternoon Light

Small Spaces: When you live in a small apartment or a studio, you don’t want to lose any floor space. Just hang plants or even mount them on the wall to get your greens without sacrificing the precious space. (via Apartment Therapy)

Great color combinations

Chic Backyard on a Shoestring

I love the color in this outdoor space. Outdoor living area - Chic Backyard Ideas on a Budget - Sunset


Ireland, I would really like to go to Ireland someday. I think that Ireland is one of the most beautiful places. since the first time I ever saw Ireland on tv I have wanted to go.

dream bathroom

Ohhh the things you can do with space and a view! The stones on the floor and rustic cabin vs a rich chandelier and golden mirror enriches the look of this room.

Great idea for small spaces

Decoration : Curtainroom Divider Ideas For Studio Apartments Room Divider Ideas for Studio Apartments Small Apartment Decorating Ideas‚ Ikea Room Divider‚ Studio Apartments also Decorations

Chartreuse Arch, French Alps

La Tour Perce is a unique double arch and at 32 meters is the longest span in the Alps. The existence of this arch was only documented in Situated between Grenoble and Chambery (massif de la Chartreuse), Rhone Alps region, SE France.


Paris-It is the most beautiful place and also the capital of France. Springtime is the best time to visit Paris. Paris is the city of life, love and light.

London, England.

Dear London Town, I’m missing you terribly. I miss your inspiring street fashion, your amazing shopping strips, your beautiful parks and so much more. I’ll be dreaming.