Montessori Holiday Hop

Montessori-inspired activities and ideas linked up in the Montessori Holiday Hops throughout the year.

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Montessori Holiday Hop

Montessori Holiday Hop

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The best thing about Montessori practical life skills is they are perfect for every family. Food prep, sweeping, early childhood, Montessori Activities

With the activities in this Art Appreciation Toolbox, your child will be able to experience classical art, learn how to make their own watercolor paints, develop their motor skills while using the mortar and pestle, and learn their shapes the Montessori way. Find more on

Hands on learning US Geography with Little Passports, Activities, Free Printables, State Geography lessons, Lessons, activities, & more Natural Beach Living

Awesome Shark Activities, Books, crafts, snacks, party themes, sensory play and more. Shark week activities, Free Printables for the Sharks of the World

The best ways to save money and still incorporate the Montessori philosophy with DIY Montessori Materials and Montessori homeschooling and teaching ideas.

Free Printable, Free Age Chore chart, Maria Montessori practical life, 12 months of Montessori learning, Montessori Tasks, www.naturalbeachl...

Free USA Geography Printable pack, geography ideas, activities and lessons, Elementary, State learning, US landmarks, www.naturalbeachl...

4th of July Scavenger Hunt Printable. Get your family outside and having fun. Easily used with summer and other scavenger hunts available at also.

Educational Games- Color Sorting Turtles

Get outside with Dad this Father's Day! Outdoor Exploration 10 Ideas for Dads and Kids on

Gorgeous Keepsakes with Magnets - Gifts Kids Can Make. | Montessori Nature

Earth Day Activities for kids, Spring Activities, Printables, Baby sensory play, DIY Spring Activities, Nature, Eco-Friendly, www.naturalbeachl...

Earth Day Play dough, homemade, sensory play, Science and more www.naturalbeachl...

Going Green, Earth Day, planting, gardening with kids, Preschool activities, Eco friendly ideas for kids,DIY,Recycle material for kids, Natural Beach Living

Montessori Inspired Bible Activities for Kids. | Montessori Nature

Easter Montessori Shelves. Here are some Easter Montessori shelves activities to work on developing hand grip, finger strength, concentration, fine motor skills, etc. These are activities on transferring, sorting, matching, colouring and cutting.{ Montessori Nature Blog }

Montessori Easter Around the World Printable Flashcards contain six sets of cards with photos representing different Easter traditions of Australia/Oceania, South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia with short commentary. Montessori Nature Blog

Spring Montessori Activities, Spring Activities for kids, Printables, Nature, Sensory Play, Animals, Birds, Flowers, crafts, www.naturalbeachl...

Free Printable, Free Age Chore chart, Maria Montessori practical life, 12 months of Montessori learning, Montessori Tasks, www.naturalbeachl...

Dr Suess activities, books, crafts, snacks, preschool activities, toddler activities, www.naturalbeachl...

12 months of Montessori Learning, practical life, geography, Language Arts, Botany, Sensorial, Zoology, Music, Montessori Spaces, Math, Biology, History, Fine Arts, Maria Montessori activities www.naturalbeachl...

Montessori Valentine's Activities for Toddler's

Montessori Activities fine motor, practical life, colors, sensory and more.