Montessori-Inspired Activities and Ideas

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Montessori-Inspired Activities and Ideas

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Adorable family footprint craft

A Montessori Teacher & Psychologist Discusses Why You Should Trust Your Child with Real Tools & Materials to Build Independence

THE BEST KIDS KITCHEN TOOLS FOR HELPING WITH SNACK PREP. This post also includes the best kids kitchen tools for helping with supper and baking - plus a free printable shopping list!

Sunset Silhouette Painting Craft - negative space painting craft with love birds silhouette

Show and Tell Classroom - Maths Provocation focus on counting - Image credit Francis Bosman

Kid Friendly Potted Plants with Step-by-Step Instructions (and easy to keep alive!!)

FREE PRINTABLE! I love this idea and plan to do one each year on their birthday!

Caves and Caverns for Montessori learning delivered to your door! Don't spend time researching and planning lessons. Just have fun teaching your kids!

13 Fun & Active Summer Activities for Kids

Make a date jar with the kids!

Free Printable - Full set of Phase 2 - 5 phonics teaching resources. Montessori Pink, Blue and Green Box 2 and Box 4 materials.

Land, Water, Air is a Montessori Classroom favorite. Your child can learn about land and water formations, see how air works, and develop their motor skills. Find more on

Montessori Practical Life Lesson: Teaching Children how to safely cut carrots is an empowering kids kitchen skill that can be daunting for parents. Trusting your child with real tools builds responsibility & confidence, if done the right way.

Show and Tell Classroom - Writing corner - image credit Francis Bosman

Edible Paint for Kids! It's as yummy as it looks!

10 kid-friendly homemade gift ideas

World Zoology Cards (free printable) -

LOTS of free apple printables plus ideas for using free printables to prepare Montessori-inspired apple activities

Exploring surface tension - simple water science for kids

16 totally awesome lego birthday party ideas

15 awesome ways to display kid's art

Working with sensorial materials allows children to classify the things around them. Completing these types of sorting activities will ultimately prepare them for reading and mathematics.