Debora Cardaci's Selected Art Work
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a woman is working on a sculpture of a horse
Equus Bellator
a drawing of a man with long hair and a bandana on his head is shown
"Benoit" charcoal and chalk
a drawing of a german shepherd dog
a sculpture of a horse's head is shown on a piece of plywood
Rohan Horse
a woman standing next to a statue of three children sitting on a bench with their arms around each other
Antoine Vandal Life Size Sculpture- Clay sculpture for bronze casting. St Jean Baptiste, Manitoba, Canada.
a statue of a man and child sitting next to each other
Clay Sculpture- Life Size
a sculpture of a dog sitting on top of a wooden table next to a paintbrush
an oil painting of a brown and white dog
a black and white drawing of two cats cuddling on top of each other's back
Welcome | deboracardaci
a drawing of an old man sitting at a table with the words, the herophant
a drawing of a native american man with an owl on his shoulder and the sun in the background
an oil painting of a tree and mountains
an oil painting of trees and mountains
a drawing of a man with his eyes closed
charcoal and pencil
a pencil drawing of a dog's head
pencil drawing