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The world is full of haters without a clue ...

The idea of change can be intimidating. I think it is this apprehension that prevents the world from growing. Change means that people have to start thinking differently, which requires effort. I think the main issue we have in our society is that no one is willing to put forth the effort to see some impacting results

Haters gonna hate, gators gonna gate, maters gonna mate, pollinators gonna pollinate...must I go on?

That must be my problem :) And, this must be my problem too. I find that men are terribly intimated by intelligent women . . . fragile ego syndrome.

Note that the apparent object, subject, or reason of the anger is often a pretext that doesn't have much to do with the hurt, fear and frustration!

advice for getting along with people -- something you always think you know, but don't really accept it.

This cracked me up!!!

Many people would be scared if they saw their character in a mirror and not their face.

It's funny how you preach not to Judge Others and you're usually the first one to Judge.

Roses are Red Bacon is Red Poems are Hard Bacon

Oh Mother Nature.........


You may think that all of your happiness depends upon obtaining one particular thing in life. Later on, you praise the Lord that you didn't get it. - Florence Scovel Shinn

This is how the world ends....

Aww Roar like Simba found his way back to his family.

Am I the only one who…

In the trunk bitch!


No trust