Despite it being human nature to judge, read this. Once you fully understand this, you will feel no hate in your heart.

Sheet pan roasted chicken breasts, butternut squash and red onion served with black beans, brown rice and guacamole make this a nutritious meal in a bowl | #ricebowl #chicken #mealprep #sheetpan

Sheet pan roasted chicken breasts, butternut squash and red onion served with black beans, brown rice and guacamole (Chicken And Squash Recipes)

Learn a New Word

In his new, exceedingly optimistic documentary Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore travels around Europe, adopting progressive and beneficial ideas to bring back to.

Marvel at the mathematical beauty of a snowflake.

Come and explore snowflakes from outside and in during this hands-on workshop at Ravenswood Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Rediscover your sense of joy. Play. Dance. Sing.

“Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” is a heartwarming photography project by Andy Seliverstoff that focuses on the unbreakable bond between little children and their supersized dogs. The photographer, 58

So it is with the concerto of our lives. Individual notes must be learned and played and practiced before we achieve harmony. And above all, we must learn how to pause.

Go outside and view the Full Wolf Moon on January 12.

Full Moon for January 2018

Full Moons for January The Full Wolf Moon & Blue Moon. When is the next Full Moon? Plus moon phases, best days, and more from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Keep the dream of equality alive.

Martin Luther King Day celebrated on third Monday of January each year. So this year Martin Luther King Day 2014 will be on January

Set an intention: Breathe

Breathe in experience. Breathe out poetry. Prana = Breath = Spirit Energy Every breath taken, whether we realize it or not, creates our Universe. ॐ Om Shanti Om ॐ Waheguru ॐ

Writer's Prompt: Empty out the contents of your handbag, briefcase, or tote. Write a story about them. It can be a comedy, tragedy, mystery, romance, fantasy. Let your imagination fly. Bonus points for using this as an opportunity to start the year with less junk in your bag. Have fun! Deb

How to organize your hand bag. Cute tutorials for DIY organization sleeves that slip in and out of a purse easily.

Learn the origins of the name January. Hint: it's Roman!

Visit the Ancient world of the Roman god Janus. Discover fascinating information about Janus the Roman god of god of doors, choices, beginnings and endings. The legends and mythology about the Janus the two-headed god.