How to permanently adhere watercolor paper to panel using GOLDEN Soft Gel. A useful technique for mounting a wide variety of papers to panels prior to and after painting. For more information about any of the Golden products, be sure to visit our website: or contact Technical Supp...

Adhering Watercolor Paper to Panel Using GOLDEN Soft Gel

(In your blender, combine: * One can of cheap beer or 1 1/2 cups buttermilk * A few handfuls of moss * One teaspoon of sugar. Blend until the mixture is smooth, and you’re ready to get painting! You can use a brush to paint your moss onto concrete walls, rocks, or brick. Mist the moss once a day to help it thrive, and soon your green graffiti will take hold! If you’re looking to take this project to the streets, use caution- we don’t want to be responsible for any vandalism charges)

My Latest Obsession: Moss Grafiti

Wood themed wall murals give you the look of wood, but install like wallpaper.

Wood Wall Murals

SCANDINAVIAN HOME STAGING ★ Certified Home Stager│accredited by RESA │True Scandinavian. Book a service and get more inspiration on

DiyAndGardenings: Backyard Ideas!

Make distressed books from old encyclopedias

Repurpose old encyclopedia's into aged display books..... - Jennifer Rizzo

❄️ Winter Holidays ❄️ Use Krylon Looking Glass spray paint on pine cones to give that mercury glass look

Horn Handled Bowl

10 Ways to Embellish with a Bleach Pen

10 Ways to Embellish with a Bleach Pen

Bleach pen shirts. SUCH a good idea. Personalized love letters, fav. quotes, sugar skulls, lyrics, old journal entries, etc.

Love Letter Bleach Pen Shirt

Fabric Bleach Art.

Fabric Bleach Art

DIY Watercolor T-Shirt {using SHARPIES}

DIY Watercolor T-Shirt {using SHARPIES}

Easy Cozy Crochet Blanket

gasp!!! Must do...Send a picture of your dog and they'll make you a stuffed one. And the money goes to help shelter animals. This is awesome! this also made me think of a few freinds.... @Kelly Sanburg @Jandy Rosenhahn

Samples of our custom stuffed dogs

This is how you create a Teddy Bear from a sock

Tea light birthday cake. Too cute and easy to make!

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How to make paper Orchids - Tutorial and free printable from ellinée. (The white orchid would look especially lovely with some shimmer spray or perfect pearls to make it sparkle).

How to Make a Paper Orchid | The Elli Blog

Modern Paper Porcupine Ornament / 40 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Aren’t Just For Christmas

40 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Aren't Just For Christmas

Elements of Style, spray paint and a marker, so pretty for Thanksgiving Table

In Your Place. « Elements of Style Blog

DIY Cardboard Deer head. These are stupid expensive online, I don't see why I can't make one with an old Utrecht folder and some spray paint... - LornaJean

DIY Cardboard Deer Head

Chalkboard Silhouette Pillow

more pillow faces

{go make me} pillow pet / diy project - Go Make Me

{go make me} pillow pet / diy project - Go Make Me

{go make me} pillow pet / diy project - Go Make Me

Box of Sunshine

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to thicken paint, they used about 1/4 cup of Annie Sloan Old White, then mixed it with a couple tablespoons of baby powder to give the paint texture

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My Vintage Window: How I letter in chalk.... An imperfect tutorial FleaingFrance Brocante Society

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