Just eat ur chicken ted

Mark Hamill's faces are one of my favorite things about Star Wars. This would be the exact moment Luke first thought Han was a douchebag.

I can't believe how great this photo is my crops are flourishing my skin is clear the worlds order is restored I have vision my grades are up I'm sleeping soundly at night and I am - 🍒

Omg it's link vs pottery barn. They'd better hide their pottery so link doesn't smash all of it

No response(comic) by KOUMI04 on DeviantArt

No response(comic) by on DeviantArt: noooooo! You must be with budo!

14 Perfect Internet Reactions to Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If You Happy don't do fandoms

My favourite Superwholock posts

ALLOW ME TO SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. Besides doctor who. I'm not putting myself through that<<< it’s too late for me, I’ve finished Sherlock, I’m rewatching Merlin, I’ve started supernatural and I’ve finished doctor who. for the second time.