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The Country Cook: Cream Biscuits {Only 2 Ingredients!}

Two ingredient recipes

First pineapple, then pumpkin and now lemon! All you need it an angel food cake mix and a can of lemon pie filling. Mix them together and bake in a 9x13 cake pan at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

With its 24 openings, a mini-muffin pan makes a perfect base for a treat-filled Advent calendar. (This ingenious Christmas idea comes from FamilyFun!)

A recipe I made from Pinterest! Box of angel food cake mix and can of crushed pineapple. -Nicole

  • Kathy Hughes

    We love these!!!

  • Jenn Muntz

    I used Ghiradelli brand brownie mix (the double chocolate flavor ) and trader joes organic pumpkin in a can. Mine were moist and cakey and delish. Sorry to hear yours didnt turn out like you hoped

  • Sherry Schafer

    I really wish I knew what happened. :(

  • Jenn Muntz

    Sherry, instead try my 2 ing muffin recipe: similar to the brownies but you should have much better results.: get 1 box of devils food cake mix, add 1 can of pumpkin to the dry mix. Scoop with an ice cream scoop into paper lined muffin Tim and sprinkle with mini choc chips. Bake at 350 for 20 min. So moist and only 40 calories. Sprinkle with powdered sugar once cooled

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2 Ingredient Cranberry Apple Cupcake

Two Ingredient Pancake using oatmeal packets and eggs

apple pie bars. YUM! SO easy.

  • Purse Patterns

    I just made this and it turned out really good!

  • Diane Linke

    here can I get this recipe ?

  • Cynthia Haynes Ramirez

    I have tried this recipe with a can of crushed pineapple. Tastes delicious! I am going to try cherry pie filling and possibly a can of mangoes.

  • Susan McNeal

    Is this the cake mix you don't add water as directed on the box. Just wondering.

Peanut butter fudge using just 1 tub Vanilla Frosting and 1 jar 16.30z Creamy Peanut Butter

  • Carolyn Duggan

    Sometimes I add some marshmallow fluff. May need to refrigerate until it sets

why have I never thought to do this??? Spread instant croissants with pumpkin butter, roll and bake. SOLD!

Oh my! two ingredient maple soufflé recipe

what?!? Make a 2 ingredient dessert using crystal light and greek yogurt!

Chocolate Brownie Muffins using 1 box of devil's food cake mix and 1 can of pumpkin. YUM!

  • Terri O'Laughlin

    I make these using spice cake mix instead of devil's food! They are delish. Will have to try the Devils food!

  • Peggie Chan

    I've used the same 2 ingredients to make a pan of brownies too... Turns out to be about 150 calories for 1/16 of a pan :)

Two-Ingredient White Chocolate Mousse

2 ingredient chocolate mousse - make it and eat it, no need to let it sit in the fridge for hours!

2-Ingredient Cinnamon Apple Cake: 1 can of apple pie filling and 1 box of Angel food cake (dry mix only). Combine both ingredients in a bowl. Transfer to greased 9x13 pan and bake at 350 deg. for 20 minutes or until top browns.

  • Davine Dunn-Hall

    Oh, my God...this was freakin delicious and sooo super simple...I did sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of mine before I baked....was a wonderful cake with my morning coffee!!!!

  • Jenn Muntz

    Just made this. Resisting sticking a fork in it while it cools.....

  • Davine Dunn-Hall

    Dont resist Jenn....go for it....I did!!!

  • Jenn Muntz

    It was so good! I put it in the fridege for a while to chill it and it was dense and chewy which I loved! Great pin!

Oh.HOLY.God! Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookies….Literally 2 Ingredients! using, get this, Reeses PB cups and one egg. Can this be real???

Oh.My.Word! 2 Ingredient Flourless Nutella Cake using just Nutella and eggs.

Wha??? Two-Ingredient Sugar-Free Raspberry Yogurt Pie Recipe using greek yogurt and boxed jello mix

2-Ingredient Macaroon Cookies using flaked coconut and sweetened condensed milk

2 ingredient fudge using chocolate chips and canned frosting (I've made this before. SO simple! and YUMMY)

2 ingredient Lemon Bars using lemon pie filling and boxed angel food cake

  • Juanita Long

    These are very GOOD and easy to make! Great for a quick dessert

  • Sharon Virgil

    I made these today! With blueberries & cool whip - 2 yumbs up!

  • Judy Roy

    this was really good !

  • Phyllis Robison

    these were really good. like eating lemon pie

  • Eileen Brittain

    I have made these three times since the end of March. I added some fresh squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest to give them a little more zing. I love them!