I love the simplistic horror of her make up. Absolutely beautiful!

Blood bath for a Countess Bathory type. She believed the blood of girls kept her looking young and virile.

I Wanna Do Bad Things To You by UrVanityPimpsU on deviantART

deviance are those behaviors that people considered bad or things people should not do


Milarca karstein on

Vampire. Vampires. Redheaded vampiress

Hot vamp, though for some reason she looks like she has too many teeth.

Dark Roses Blood  (That's the cover I've been looking fot -- how do I contact this artist??)

A bloody vampire rose girl Model from Shutterstock: [link] Runny mascara by Frozenstocks: [link] Please zoom for best quality. Blood and Roses


Photography: Moritz Maibaum Photography Model, Hair, Make up: Model Ophelia Overdose Wardrobe: Miss Overdose


Though I don't usually go for the Vampyre Vamp, in this case, being Kay Morgan.oh, Kay Morgan.

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Fantasy and fine artwork. DNA fantasy Images provides a great collection of visual artwork created from some of the worlds finest and talented artists. Whenever possible the original artist is credited with a web link directly from the image. Some images

Vampire Girl

The door to the local Vamp Cafe closed behind me and I was finally able to push my sunglasses back up on top of my head.


model-la-esmeralda: “Vampire Bride”Self-portraitNecklace: Alchemy GothicFangs: Father Sebastiaan

MegsMadeIt: Halloween Costume Ideas

MegsMadeIt: Halloween Costume Ideas ~ I don't know why I like this. Maybe it's the makeup around the eyes.it might just be the eyes lol.