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Favorite Pixar Movie: UP. Carl went to the end of the Earth for Ellie, and the beginning makes me cry every time. Beautifully animated and Dug is hilarious.

A Bugs Life

A Bug's Life (1998)

Day Favorite Sequel: I really don't like Disney sequels, they just feel so forced. So I changed this category to Favorite Pixar Movie, and it's A Bug's Life! This movie was my childhood

Bangerter homes, in conjunction with the the Salt Lake City Home Builders Association, recreated a full scale version of Carl and Ellie’s house from Pixar’s animated feature “Up.” The home comes with many of the fun details you find in the movie along with some more modern updates. Disney/Pixar even gave the developer their blessing to build and sell the home.

This is a real replica of the house from the Pixar movie Up!, in Herriman, Utah. A real couple lives here, and the inside of the house is the same to the movie also! The couple allows visitors to walk through. I want to go!