Corked vial packaging | beautiful earrings by briolette jewelry...this is a creative way to package and display your jewelry.

Briolette Jewelry

Christmas Gift Tree - great way to show gift ideas in your windows.

2027: November 2010

window decoration. I really want display windows that change regularly. This is so much cheaper than what I had in mind.

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Decoración de mesa para una fiesta del 'cupcake'... utilizando retales de tela para decorar las sillas. También puedes hacer bajo platos o un camino de mesa a juego #diy

Little Chef Baking Party | Creative Party Place

one way to display

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Cardstock form to display knit hats (instructions)

Tricksy Knitter by Megan Goodacre » How to model a hat

what a great display idea, from Old Soul Studios, for vintage ornaments (or any hanging object)

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Wooden racks/display #shop #clothing #display

My Anthro Displays- Geeky Chic Craftsman | Kara Paslay Design

Dressing Rooms | Closets | Jewelry Organization Perfection! | Jewelry display DIY Tutorial |

23 Creative Jewelry Organization Ideas - Style Motivation

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other

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Beautiful Repetto window display

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unique hanging racks for a quirky retail space. space saving. easily manageable and easy to construct.


Another colorful craft fair stand@Tina Murray

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#display #accessory display #craft fair liddiemae craft fair booth ideas

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craft fair and jewelry display ideas.

More Craft Fair Ideas

pie tin and candlestick tiered display

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Using clipboards to display necklaces...

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Cute Plushie Display Idea

My So Called Crafty Life

A fabulous way to display brooches that are are congruent with this brand. Otherwise adapt the idea using materials that best represent your brand = work/voice/materials + experience you want them to have + feeling/emotion evoked

Mamie Jane's: Brooch Display

felt craft booth display...look at the trees for felt friends!

Flickriver: misscrinoline's most interesting photos

DIY painted bunting tablecloth

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Display Idea - Why not use a wreath base as a nest and set cute items inside. Bird-themed preferably :) From the Spring Quilt Market 2010 Pillow & Maxfield

Spring Quilt Market 2010 - Michael Miller Designers - Pillow & Maxfield

love the box #display idea using lids

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Ring display

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DIY : Lace Doily Bowl - pretty holder for jewelry

DIY Lace Doily Bowl