Mi mente siempre viaja a otros planetas, dimensiones, la mente divaga cuando la realidad no es tan entretenida como la fantasía...

and she had entire galaxies in her head, whirling, twirling, full of things that no one else could even imagine


Infinity Wallpaper Full HD x by NeonSynapsePL on DeviantArt

韩一杰的照片 - 微相册 i don't know politics. i dont know how to play nice. i dont know how to butter. i dont know how to be best friends with the world. i dont know the art of changing faces. there are lots of things i can never learn. i am just plain jane me. the odd one sticking out.

Astronaut Solar System ( Credits to original Artist)

" The planets are amazing " - Mwah

Some of Jupiter's moons! There are 67 confirmed moons of Jupiter. This gives Jupiter the largest number of moons with reasonably secure orbits of any planet in the Solar System.

giraffeacid: “Lutei, perdi, gritei nessa sequência, morri eu ainda continuo aqui perdendo cada futuro em cada agora iludido por sementes do passado que naqueles ontens não passaram disso. Filipe Valentim ”

logic meets sensing/ deep Sea and infinte space / stars Sky sand ocean

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Tal como a lua a vida também tem faces

15 Para Meia Noite❀

moon climb x

Popular Baby Names 2013 …

Popular Baby Names 2013

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25 Wallpapers Para Personalizar Seu Celular!

planet, stars, and space resmi

Alexandra Dvornikova ilustração

Alexandra Dvornikova explora o interior feminino e o mundo místico em suas fantásticas ilustrações

Digital folk art with Pagan symbolism by Russian-English illustrator Alexandra Dvornikova.