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    Woodworking, Electrical, Plumbing and Household DIY.

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    An easy project for any space. Angle aluminum, 2x12 lumber and caster wheels. OR run to the barn and dig out some of the older timber...pocket hole it together if its not as wide as you'd like and carry on.......D.

    Build a Easiest Industrial Cart | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans

    5'' Surface Mounted Bed Rail Brackets. These will make assembly a little quicker for some folks.......D.

    5" Surface Mounted Bed Rail Brackets

    Calibrating your Miter for the table saw......D.

    Tablesaw tips, tricks, and techniques part 1
    • Kirk Bartko
      Kirk Bartko

      this is good never knew how to this so easily

    • Debora Cadene
      Debora Cadene

      I haven't done this yet, but sure do plan on it. I love the simplicity of it.....

    Cutting multiple bird mouths - YouTube

    Cutting multiple bird mouths

    Use a framing square and a combination square, clamped together to find the center of our circle........D.

    Find The Center of a Circle / Trouver le centre d’un cercle

    3-4-5 Method, Get some large spikes and some string...easy and compact.......D.

    3-4-5 Method, How to get a perfect right angle when building structures.

    Another speed square bit.......D.

    Intro to the Speed Square

    Speed square basics.......D.

    The basics on a Speed square

    I usually wear quite a bit of my calking..but this little tip with the tape, should take care of that. Now if I only had enough patience to take the time to tape.......D.

    How to Caulk Like a Pro - How to Nest for Less™

    Mabey tiling that back splash won't be to hard after all.......D.

    How To Create a Tile Backsplash

    Another great way to get some texture added to your wooden pieces. Use a Grinder.......d.

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    Drill bit storage and hole gauge. This is a great idea when you have dowels or screws you have to use for a certain project, but aren't sure what bit size you need. Now it'll be perfect every time.......D..

    Tutorial: Drill Bit Storage and Gauge

    A great tutorial on making that pallet doggie bed.......d.

    Seaside Interiors: Doggy Pallet Bed

    Use your Dremel to cut your tiles, just make sure you have the proper bit for he job........D.

    DIY Subway Tile Backsplash | Imperfectly Polished

    Center Square for finding the center mark of round, square and octagonal pieces up to 5". ($28.30)........D.

    Center Square, 5 Inch Capacity

    Use a forstner bit the same size as the dowlel you are using, to make yourself a center finding jig for all your dowels.......D.

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    A work bench for the miter chop saw. I do have the portable metal rail, but THIS has so much more room to put my stuff.......D. (printable version)

    DIY Miter Saw Bench!

    Simple plans for a work bench.......D.

    - garage workbench -

    Using your speed square to get those angle right.......D.

    Build a Wooden Bench for Less

    Make a jig for finding the center of wooden dowels. Clever.......D.

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    Make yourself a jig or a storyboard when you are using your table saw, so next time you have to make that same cut, it will be done with accuracy. Put the measurements on it as well as what the project is, then hang it up with the rest of your patterns. You could do a story stick too.......D.

    Simple storyboard makes fence setup a snap

    Clamp a speed square to the table of your bandsaw and get a nice straight cut.......D.

    From speed square to fast fence

    These would come in handy.......D

    When drilling your holes with the Kreg,, try to avoid the screws going into an end grain as shown in the picture. Instead, have them going into the edge grain from the ends. They'll hold better.......D.

    Pocket-hole pointers

    Beefing up those door headers with some 1x2,1x4 or 1x6 and a smaller trim piece for the bottom.Man, do I got lots of spots for these........D.

    Thrifty Decor Chick: My love, chunky trim

    Using ladders and some timber to make the scaffolding for the porch vs renting it.......D.

    25 DIY Fundamentals

    This Zip-It, might work a little better then the coat hanger I've got rigged up for those drain clogs. How does all that crap get in there any how.......D.

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    drawer helpers. Sure would like the measurements to make 4 of these for myself.......D.

    Drawer Helpers - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker

    Using masking tape can save your sanity when you are playing with glue. Use it on the inside corners where sanding is hardest 'cause we all know how fricken kruel dried glue drips can be on finishing.......D.

    How to Sand Wood Faster

    (link is broke) Using tape and glue to get things lined up with the angled cuts.......d.

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    How fricken' clever. Sometimes the crack on a piece of wood is just too narrow for the glue to sink into, making your repair less sturdy. Use a shop vac to suck the glue deeper into the crack then get them clamps fastened. Genius.......d.

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    Wood grain and movement. Try not to join boards with different grain (flat sawn against quarter sawn) and always try to cut with the grain vs against.......D.

    A Guide to the Wayward Ways of Wood Grain |

    When selecting the best piece of lumber, try to NEVER choose the ones with the diagonal rings. Rings should be horizontal, or vertical like quarter sawn. Also remember the more rings the better, and look for tight, flat rings AND stay away from the center, or pith.......D.

    Selecting Lumber for Best Results

    Out side shower hose hook up.......D.

    Stylish DIY outdoor shower

    Wood and corrugated metal for outside shower doors.......D.

    Stylish DIY outdoor shower

    For the wooden frames...mabey attach the 1x2 to the 1x3 first, then cut to the length wanted.......D.

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    Make a smaller straight edge guide for the circular saw. I have an 8' one built for the full sheets, but need a smaller one as well. I'll make it double duty so the jig saw can go on the other side.......D.

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    End grain floors. I think this would look awesome anywhere, although I've read it buckles quite easily. I'm going to do a little more reading, but still love this idea.......D.

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    Google sketch up 3D. The small tour i took is quite interesting,.......D.

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    My wood racks are up, and the scrap bin is complete. I just need to put some casters under it, so I can move it and get it up off the floor.......D.

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    Go and check out Donna's beefy-boxy farmhouse window. No fancy cutting and the results and perfect!.......D.

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    Square headers and neck bands for your windows and doors. No miter cuts, just square fitted wood. This is gonna look great.......D.

    Early Modern Mouldings, by Gordon Bock

    Add spacers to the outlet so the plate sit flush to the wall anytime you add more wood or tiles to your existing spaces.......D.

    Thrifty Decor Chick

    When you are using the Kreg Jig, clamp your joint line before fastening the screws to make sure you are flush. Use the larger side of the clamp on the "face" side of your work.......d.

    Kreg Tool Company

    Use threaded galvanized pipe, flanges and end caps to build a lumber rack for the basement.......D.

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    Some really, really good tips on getting the best use out of your jig saw. I could have used these a few times over.......D.

    Jigsaw Tips & Tricks—Kreg Plus December

    Wood storage on wheels.......D.

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    I need to get all my wood off the floor before it ends up outside in the garbage.......D.

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    Make your workbench height the distance from the floor to your first thumb knuckle. If more then yourself will be using this bench you may need to add an inch or two.......d.

    Rule of thumb guides best workbench height
    • K.d. Stafford
      K.d. Stafford

      I like to have mine around my waist line or actually 5-6" higher. But it also depends what your doing on said work bench.

    • Debora Cadene
      Debora Cadene

      I totally agree!! I like the waste line height as well, but do find this height nice for some things . It was a good place to start.

    • Darryn Aswad
      Darryn Aswad

      This rule of thumb would make it 12" lower than my waist

    • Michael Baranowski
      Michael Baranowski

      I think they are saying that low because your project will most likely be much higher. but if you are using tools on a flat surface like grinding or sanding waist high would make more sense.

    • Darryn Aswad
      Darryn Aswad


    When choosing your 4x4 posts, look for the ones that don't have the growth rings near the center of the board. Its more likely to warp and twist and it doesn't accept the pressure treatment as well. Instead, choose the ones with the rings more off center and go for a 10' vs an 8 and trim it down.......D.

    Choosing 4x4 Wood