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Debora F Dos Santos

Debora F Dos Santos
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Quem nunca fez isso ? Principalmente no shopping

Exclusive: Enchanting Beauty and the Beast Art // "Some Light Reading" by Katie Huon


Take a look at these gorgeous stained glass art by Louisiana-based artist and art teacher Mandie Manzano of various Disney characters and everyone's favorite Disney princesses.

I think that this eases our pain. Gaea is just another monster that WANTS to kill the half bloods.

everyone wants to kill percy,but their is a long line. and percy is telling gaea to pick a number to get in line to kill him

The clutter on the Hephaestus cabin tho

The clutter on the Hephaestus cabin tho<<< my kinda place. I caould never clean and they would just think "aw, she's building something cool" and leave me alone

Poseidon/Percy and Athena/Annabeth <<< at first I thought Percy was surfing...

Percy Son of Poseidon, Annabeth Daughter of Athena, and Nico Son of Hades