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American History

American History

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Women served in all branches of the military during WWII. These women were WASPs: Women's Air Force Service Pilots. From their formation in 1943 until their dismissal in December 1944, WASPs flew nearly 60 million miles for the Army Air Forces. The WASPs in this photo served at Camp Davis in Holly Ridge. U.S. Army photo

Girls deliver ice. Heavy work that formerly belonged to men only is being done by girls. The ice girls are delivering ice on a route and their work requires brawn as well as the partriotic ambition to help. 09/16/1918 From the Records of the War Department; American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, 1917 - 1918

James and Mary Chesnut, her diary of the Civil War would be the orginal blog of the 1860's........She was from Charleston, SC.

The Twin Towers with the Statue of Liberty in foreground.

Edwin Hubble, Astronomer (1937)

Scientist Rosalind Franklin made the first clear X-ray images of DNA’s structure. Her work was described as the most beautiful X-ray photographs ever taken. Franklin’s ‘Photo 51’ informed Crick and Watson of DNA’s double helix structure for which they were awarded a Nobel Prize. Franklin died of ovarian cancer in 1958, aged 37, her contribution to DNA’s discovery story unacknowledged.

Albert Einstein with an Albert Einstein puppet in Los Angeles. Probably 1931, when he was at CalTech.

Boy and widow hand roll cigarettes to make a living in a NY tenement--1909

First Test Tube Baby/1978

Charlotte E. Ray Esq - Jan 13, 1850 -Jan 4, 1911 was the first African American female lawyer in the US: The first women to practice and argue in the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. She attended a school called the Institution for the Education of Colored Youth in Washington, D.C and became a teacher at Howard University. She attended Howard's law school and graduated on February 27, 1872. She was the first woman to graduate from the Howard University School of Law.

This woman is one of the last faces of slavery. In the 1920s and 1930s, an interest in slave narratives was rekindled, and as part of the Federal Writers’ Project of the Work Progress Administration, more than 2,000 first-person accounts of slavery were collected, as well as 500 black and white photographs. Most were in their 80s and 90s. Imagine what she has endured, what she has seen. #muchrespecttomyancestors

Rosa Parks booking photo. December 1, 1955. Thank you, Miss Rosa!

A truly amazing historical treasure! The unboxing of the Statue of Liberty in 1885.


ca. 1864, [U.S. Army surgeon, Dr. S. Baird Wolf, about to amputate an arm]


Just 10 years after President Lincoln's assassination, his widow, Mary Todd Lincoln, was charged with insanity and put on trial in Chicago. The accuser was her only surviving son, Robert Lincoln. The trial was held on May 19, 1875 and she had received no prior warning or chance to organise a defense. The jury deliberated for only 10 minutes and she was institutionalized at Bellevue Place Asylum. Mary was released after less than 4 months but mother and son were never truly reconciled.

Challenger Shuttle Disaster I was on a school bus headed to Calico Ghost Town (Barstow, CA) for a school field trip with one of my children. It was one of just four events I remembered were I was at the time - the others were the asassasination of JFK, the first time a man walked on the moon, and of course the World Trade Towers. Some things just stick in your mind.

Rosa Parks at the time of Bus situation.

In spite of being shot eight times, Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. ordered his men to tie him to a tree so he could keep fighting, action for which he received the Medal of Honor. Red Cloud was the third of four Native Americans to be awarded the Medal of Honor in Korea.

First Transcontinental railroad

Charles Lindbergh

Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 Commander, the first man on the moon!

The Grand Canyon mystery - Glen and Bessie Hyde were newlyweds who disappeared while attempting to run the rapids of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, Arizona in 1928. Their scow was found adrift around river mile 237, upright and fully intact, with the supplies still strapped in. A camera recovered from the boat revealed the final photo; taken near river mile 165. No trace of them were ever found.

During the Second World War barbed wire was installed along Waikiki Beach. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel was taken over by the Navy, but the Moana Hotel remained under civilian control and accepted any guest that it could accommodate. Until after Okinawa was invaded in April 1945, people either got out of Waikiki’s water at dusk, or risked being shot. The barbed wire was removed from the beach at Waikiki after the threat of Japan’s invasion waned.