The very best of Rabbit Carrier's pins - Butterfly by Debbie Karnes

Butterfly Mountain Greeting Card for Sale by Debbie Karnes


♈ Dragonfly Versailles ♈ dragonflies in art, photography, jewelry, crafts, home & garden decor - Dragonfly Wings

dew on a dragonfly wing

This is macro photography, I think this is really good because you get the simple shapes of the butterfly wing and it is really relates to the circle of life because catapilerss grow in to be butterflies.

☀"Waking Dream" Melanargia galathea

Absolutely stunning capture of butterfly and light! Beautiful photography by Serkiz Oleg! pin by Malu Santos on Shallow DOF Nature

Insects with water drops.

Insects with water drops.

Funny pictures about Insects After The Rain. Oh, and cool pics about Insects After The Rain. Also, Insects After The Rain.