River Rocks, moss/grass, and pools of water. Perfect little zen garden for a small backyard or patio (on a smaller scale).

traditional design element of Chinese gardens. It's called a "moon gate"

i'd like to do an entrance to our backyard in a similar manner. You won’t find any locks on these beautifully mystical moon doors (otherwise known as moon gates), a traditional design element of Chinese gardens.

Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses / Vancouver Island, Canada

Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses / Vancouver Island, Canada - One day I will stay in a tree house!

Colorado wildflowers.  Gorgeous...

Glenwood Springs, Colorado wildflowers - photo by thomas o'brien

sooo pretty

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stone stairs with succulents

Rustic Landscape/Yard with exterior stone floors, Pathway, Succulent plant, Reclaimed wood, Wood railing

secret rooms / hallways

Convert your bedroom door into bookshelves.I love this door AND the idea of bookshelves ON the door!

All about growing tomatoes.

Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Growing Tips A complete guide on how to grow tomatoes that are perfect and flavorful!

More ideas
I would love to have this kinda place for my Radio Studio.

Magical treehouse stays in the US

Fancy Schmancy tree house with a spiral staircase. Oh I would love to live in a tree house. Or a boat house.

Tree house

Building coolest tree houses could be hang out place for your kids and family. Good idea as additionally playing room and sanctuary place within your backyard.

Fairy castle tree house for the whimsically enchanted.

Treehouse, Kilmarnock, Scotland This is just one reason why we should move to Europe, awesome trees and even awesomer (I know that's not a word) tree houses!

La #casa de #árbol definitiva - The definitive #treehouse

Friday Dopamine Dump (36 photos)

House in the wood

Tree houses to live in are probably your dream as young children. The adults somehow, rarely dream of living in the tree house. But to live in a tree house is

Tree house

20 Amazing Fairytale Tree Houses Around the Globe

Can I live here?! Totally a childhood dream to live in a tree house

would love to have a treehouse in the backyard for my future kids. great idea to have a main treehouse and having a fenced verandah type thingy around a second tree with a bridge joining them together :)

Huge tree house in the woods. Meet you at the top!

17 Tree Houses For Adults

If you ever find yourself in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.head over to the attraction known as "The Enchanted Forest" and see this stunningly tall treehouse! I love this place, remember going there a few times as a kid on family trips.

wish I had this as a kid!

Just need one more little house in the trees somewhere and then all my kids would have their own place to play, awesome!