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If you’re experiencing problems with mold in your house, you are surely aware of its negative effects on your health.However, we will offer one extremely effective solution to solve this problem. You only need 1 ingredient and a spray bottle and your mold problems will be gone. The main ingredient in this homemade remedy is …

INGREDIENTS : 2 cups white vinegar 1 Teaspoon tea tree oil 10 drops orange essential oil INSTRUCTIONS: you do is fill up an empty spray bottle with white vinegar, add the tea tree and orange oil, shake it up, and start spraying.

Homemade chalk paint.  Diatomaceous Earth.  Not calcium carbonate.  Not Plaster of Paris.  I've been experimenting and comparing all 3 and I am so impressed with the DE.  It goes on like butter.  When it dries, it looks like cream.  Here's a picture of the specific paint I used (in Queen Anne's Lace).  The recipe:  1/2 cup paint, 1/4 cup DE, 2 TB water.  Mix 2 TB water with the DE with a wire whisk until smooth, then whisk that into the paint.   #chalkpaint

homemade chalk paint with diatomaceous earth (pool supplies? Mix water and DE with a wire whisk until smooth, then whisk into the paint