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    Have you tried Brazilian Lemonade? It’s refreshing and smooth. You’ll be surprised by the list of ingredients! | #sponsored by JCPenney

    2015 Christmas Open House - Home by Heidi --- Lovely~!

    vintage everyday: Sexy Women of Rock - 20 Beautiful Portraits of Stevie Nicks in the 1970s

    Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood MacThe queen of rock and roll and Boho style

    Stevie Nicks.....The original bohemian gypsy

    9 Über Gorgeous Moments Of Stevie Nicks — Yes, You Can Bow Down NOW

    28-Year-Old Stevie Nicks Crashes Late Night TV, Absolutely Slays “Rhiannon”

    Romantic bohemian gypsy tunic with nude blush lace and crochet neckline The hanger is pretty too!

    Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham

    Gorgeous reminder of our wonderful dogs that have been in our lives and our journeys, they will always be remembered. http:/

    On this day in.1975: Stevie and Lindsey have officially joined Fleetwood Mac. BuckinghamNicks isnt done yet, the duo still has to do some planned tourdates in January 1975, but soon theyll start recording with their new band. They already have a lot of material that was intended for a second BuckinghamNicks album and in a few months theyll start touring, and the rest is history. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

    Flip wire shelves upside down for cans

    Backyard hammock plus tree lights makes magic. I will buy my home and plant two trees for my hammock in the first summer!

    Epsom Salts for the Garden. Are the leaves on your tomatoes or pepper plants turning yellow? Want more blooms on your rose bushes? Wondering why your lawn is looking brown? Boost plants and grass with Epsom salt, high in magnesium and sulfur. Helps plants grow greener with higher yields and more blooms. This site tells you how much to use for type and size of plant or square footage of ground.

    Backyard Plants: that repel bugs! Lemon grass & Citronella grass both naturally repel mosquitoes; Lavender; Marigolds; Flossflowers (Ageratum); Pennyroyal

    Backyard fire pit ~ nice for on the edge of a patio

    backyard idea using tiki torces- this could totally go in my blueberry bush pot.