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Paper plate animal writing - 4 pages 1.what a ___ looks like 2.what a ____ eats 3.where a ____ lives 4. cool facts about ____.

Miss Kindergarten: Sight Word Chant

Hard C/Soft C Anchor chart from Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

BALANCEDLITERACYDIET :: index :: Balanced Literacy Diet

Spalding Phonics - YouTube video about the Spalding phonograms. Important point is that the letters represent minimal speech units (phonemes), not blends. After 54 of the phonograms have been learned, instruction in spelling begins. Each child thus accumulates a personal list of hundreds of words for which the spelling has been worked our & repeatedly practiced.

Free Sites to Support Literacy ~ Great for classroom use and to share with families!

I found this on twitter... I don't own it nor did i come up with it i just think it's a brilliant idea... Showing different words you can use instead, just like a giant thesaurus :)

Fun interactive way to teach students how to use the guide words in a dictionary or thesaurus

Thesaurus Discovery Bottles - Found this idea on Pinterest and adapted it for a library lesson. I filled Vitamin Water bottles with colored rice, objects, and words. Students found five words and five objects. After writing a story using all, they used the thesaurus to replace the overused words found in the discovery bottles. This worked great and the kids were super engaged.

Synonyms... Shades of colors = Shades of meaning. The colors on the paint strip are similar, but not exactly the same...just like the words (Degrees of intensity in words)

Shades of Meaning: Noticing Subtle Differences : Book Nook : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus

Handwriting Without Tears Verbal Cues

Beyond the Book Storytimes: Projector

Lucy Calkins Speaks to kids about how to be a writer....the guru herself!!!

This poster was created to give students a visual cue of what letters make more than one sound. This will help them to become more automatic with them.

Why Read 20 Minutes? All parents need to read this. Really like the pictograph for visualization.

k/ck rule

Ms. BBZ: Update: Getting Ready to Use Lucy Calkins Units of Study

Literacy Centers. This site is AMAZING!

use this folder to help families understand the importance of fluency. The folder provides them with information that help them, help their kids. It gives them step by step information on how to get started with reading passages.