Play: of all sorts

Play: of all sorts

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Balloon printing

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lego hoth echo base micro at-at

12 of the Most Fantastically Simple LEGO Micro Creations You'll Ever See

How to Make Giant Bubble Wands - Awesome! Can't wait to try this!

How to Make Giant Bubble Wands - Inner Child Fun

Summer fun

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Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Dress Me Up Blanket For Kids! Tutorial from Modern Handcraft | Dear Stella Design

Dress Me Up! Tutorial from Modern Handcraft | Dear Stella Design

Minion dress up quiet book page with free printable pattern from And Next Comes L

Minion Quiet Book Page {Free Printable Pattern}

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Simple way to color easter eggs

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs - Housing a Forest

free printable jointed paper toy

Christmas Fun - Jointed Paper Toy

Confetti Sunshine: shadow puppet printable templates!

Search for "label/shadow puppet party" -

How to make baking soda paint that fizzes, creating beautiful color mixing reactions.

Erupting Baking Soda Paint Recipe ~ Learn Play Imagine

DIY Cardboard Carousel (via Estefi Machado)

The World's Smallest Christmas Tree

Estefi Machado

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Estefi Machado

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Staining blocks with food color: One thing you should probably note is that without a sealer on the blocks, they will absolutely bleed color if they get wet (drooled upon). I've dyed lots of wooden pieces with food coloring and vinegar- it's pretty, but, there is that issue if they'll be exposed to water. I finish all my blocks with a very watered down version of acrylic paint and seal with beeswax/coconut oil- a lot more work, but, no bleeding color. :)

That's My Letter: "B" is for Building Blocks

look for "AP non-toxic" acrylic paints, as the food color route stains forever apparently.

Non-toxic Paint Finishes for Wood Toys

natural mineral oil wood finish

Natural Wood Finish Ideas for Wooden Toys

homemade watercolors (with baking soda, vinegar, cornstarch, corn syrup and food coloring!)

Homemade water color paints

Gluten Free Play Dough ½ C Rice Flour ½ C Corn Starch or Arrow Root ½ C Salt 2 tsp. Cream of Tartar 1 C Water 2 T Oil

Gluten Free Play Dough Recipe and Tips

DIY Cardboard Ships. wouldn't Sam love doing this?

ikat bag: Narnia and the North!

Free Printable Vintage Star Wars Masks

Execute ORDER 66!!: Star Wars Halloween party essentials

lightbluegrey: Fun!

lightbluegrey: Fun!

wouldn't sam love a pulley to play/learn with

Pulley Set with Wooden Reels and Nylon Ropes | Wooden Toys

Calafant: Cardboard Construction Sets- love it all. | Fab is Everyday Design.

DIY Pom Pom Launcher - frugal FUN!

DIY Pom Pom Launcher! -