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This quote resonates with me because of how much it applies to Philosophy readings, and can be applied to almost anything in life. Once a situation or a list of tasks is simplified, it is much more easy to recognize how do-able it is.

At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again. --- (dictionary art vintage print/inspirational by ExLibrisJournals / Etsy).

This is a screen shot of the Dickinson College blog. Dickinson is all about community, and this is an example of that. Students share their experiences with each other whether they are close friends or acquaintances and the small size of the campus allows students that privilege.

We are so excited about our Social Wall! A real-time live stream of Dickinson social media activity. Click the snapshot to check out what's happening now!

Arguably more import than where people came from is where they are, and maybe more important than that is where they are going. Although I believe all three of these equally contribute to who a person really is, I can honestly say that I am not only happy with who I am today, but that I am very excited with where my life is going.

Not I think, I know! Spiritually God is turning my life and heart into something way better, physically fitness makes me feel great and beautiful, and family is always a blessing- my kids are my world! Become a better you!

This photo of Dickinson's campus from 1890 is just one example of the rich history that is the thread work holding past and present stories of the College together. Dickinson being the first charted college after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, as well as a Confederate bullet hole in a brick on campus are unique and beautiful facets of the College's history.

Going way, way back: An 1890 photo of Dickinson College students sitting in "Lovers' Lane"

This chart goes to show that although Philosophy is usually regarded as a simple major, it really does teach the skills of communication and reasoning better than most other majors.

Most graduate programs require prospective students to take the GRE entry exam. Philosophy majors consistently score higher than all other majors on the verbal and analytic writing portions of the GRE

Critical Thinking 101 is a great class that provides students with many tools to use logic to solve problems, but it is just the foundation to being a critical thinker. I believe that I have harnessed these skills and learned to apply them not only to all of my coursework beyond Philosophy, but to everyday life.

Do most scientists really believe in global warming? - This is not a facetious question or skeptic propaganda. I would never dispute that the scientific community is in full agreement that climate change is real, human induced, and significant.