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Decibel Blog Posts

A selection of posts on the Decibel Music Systems blog at:

Six Degrees of Separation: Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton

Six Degrees of Separation: Patti Smith and Carl Wilson

Six Degrees of Separation: Davy Jones to John Paul Jones by @rocktilyoudrop

The Story of Punk: Garage Rock

The Story of Punk: Psychedelic Rock

The Story of Punk: Experimental Rock

Arnold Schoenberg – Bio

Music Metadata, Laura Marling, Decibel and The Damned

Read all about it! Alice Cooper releases ‘Welcome 2 my Nightmare’ on newsstands and iPad.

The Angry Corner: The trouble with music genres and ‘London Calling’ by the Clash

Decibel Team’s Top Tens: Lizzy & Toby’s Top Ten (Mostly) Rude Band Names

Children of The Damned

Do you remember the first time? Our first gigs.

Decibel’s Best of 2011: WU LYF

Decibel’s Best of 2011: Turbowolf and support, live at The Garage, London

Decibel Xmas Logo

Decibel’s Best Xmas Songs: Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Krypts & 14 Carat Grapefruit

Decibel Best Xmas Songs: Steve Nolan’s Top Ten

About what we do, and why we do it

Decibel Team’s Fantasy Bands: Toby Burton

Lewis Lambeth’s Tip For 2012: 12 Dirty Bullets

Decibel Team’s Fantasy Bands: The Stone Fighting Monkey Experience by Lewis Lambeth

‘What A Wonderful World This Would Be’

Six Degrees of Separation: Scott Cohen and Leonard Cohen

The album must die. Long live the album!