Mal feito feito. Kkk..

Vai Atirar o Pau no Gato!

Surtei e atirei o pau na Dona Chica

don't make it more complicated

How to Make Modern Brush Lettering then Clean up Your Lettering in Photoshop. The Modern Brush Lettering Trend Rocks.

More Focus

Wisdom Quotes : Direct your attention and be mindful about where you spend your time and energy …

wherever you are, be all there | jim elliot quote

Wherever you are be all there - Jim Elliot hand drawn type by Melissa Horrocks

say YES to new adventures

~ Say Yes to New Adventures/Quote/iPhone wallpaper

entender não é concordar.................;)

Roda do terere

Compete with yourself, not with others.

Life quote - compete with yourself not others.

don't stop until you're proud

Don't stop until your proud, quotes, inspiring quotes, hand lettering

Embrace the mess | Elizabeth Gilbert

Embrace the glorious mess that you are - Elizabeth Gilbert Quote

enjoy it, it's happening

Love quotes that will keep your inspired. We've collected the best love quotes to guide and inspire anyone.

Work Hard & Be Kind.

Be kind to accept what other people choose for me? I can't be kind if people cannot stop to drive my life and camnot stop to change me to be something i'm not. - - - Work hard & be kind.

Nothing more truly artistic than to love people | Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh quote: I feel that there is nothing more artistic than to love people.

the secret to getting ahead is getting started | Inspirational words

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started" - Jasmine Dowling Typography .Guess we better actually get out of bed and to the gym then!

refuse to sink.

refuse to sink. When I was young I had a teacher that called me the anchor of the group.

find the beauty in every day

Inspired Idea: New Tech August Wallpapers

inspirational quote - find the beauty in every day


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