brooch bouquet

Original DIY Brooch Bouquet Of Artificial Flowers. Have women bring you brooches the day of your bridal shower to make your bouquet. Also use heirloom costume jewelry from women in your family. Totally doing this :)


Light Bike - I think this is an EXCELLENT idea for anyone who's riding a bike at night - it'll help make them more visible to cars and outlines what they are (i., you know it's a bike cause the outline is shown by the lights)

Oh so true!

actually, my family frequently has entire conversations in movie/TV quotes. (most of the TV quotes we use are from Gilmore Girls, Firefly and Veronica Mars. movie quotes are from way too many movies to mention)

Tim Tebow!

Tim Tebow - Proof that God likes football. Because other than divine intervention, there's no other explanation for how this kid wins football games.

just a thought..

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. - Marilyn Monroe I need to remember this!

birthday girl dress

Image detail for -Couture Zebra Slip Dress with Tulle Overlay Feather Trim and Sash-