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Crying I'm laughing so hard!

. iPhone tips and tricks with iOS

Things Your Nail Technician Wants to Tell You: 1. Shaving calluses is illegal in most states. 2. Don’t shave your legs before a pedicure. 3. Bringing your own manicuring tools isn’t necessarily safer. 4. You should think about forgoing your appointment if… you show any signs of infection, such as pain, itching and redness around the nailbed, which is often caused by biting your nails or picking at your cuticles. 5. A 20% tip is usually appropriate. 6. Generally don’t mind if you chat on your phone during your appointment. 7. We’re not miracle workers. “Occasionally, we’ll have a bride come in with chewed up cuticles and mutilated fingernails who expects us to totally transform her hands and feet in an hour, but if she’s not doing anything to maintain [her nails] at home, there’s only so much we can do.” 8. We’re happy to offer fix-ups—most of the time. 9. Don’t feel shy about asking for proof of sanitation.

Things Every Cricut Owner Should Know

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Well played Google... Well played.

Stop! Must read!!! Seriously had tears running down my face and kids staring like mommy had lost her mind!!

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:) I have one of these checked off!! I play in the vineyard more than my kids do...

lol! I'll have to remember this.

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To all my teacher people- I love ya!!