Follow this step-by-step tutorial to craft your own birthday banner out of confetti-filled balloons.

How to Make a Birthday Banner

DIY Balloon Banner: Fill clear balloons with confetti, blow them up, and rub them on the carpet to make confetti cling to the insides. Put letters on the balloons and hang them to make a banner.

Balloon centerpieces.Balloons are glued to styrofoam. Ribbon is wrapped around stick. Tissue paper is stuffed inside container. The container possibly held icing. Add rocks to the bottom for weight before filling container.

Balloon's Birthday Party Ideas

Outside party decor Super hero birthday invite Rainbow Party Balloon party centerpiece Superman Party Ideas

Birthday party

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

I thought this was a great idea for kids parties, not just for birthdays. You could do balloons and pipe cleaners or ribbon to match the occasion. Balloons & pipe cleaners - this is cuter than the other balloon wreaths I have seen

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Home Living Center - Lollipop Spiders Love these cute and easy to make spider lollipops for Halloween party favors. All you need is a lollipop, black pipe cleaners, some wiggly eyes and glue! Credit: Philippa @ House of Baby Piranha

The Party Wall: Spiderman Birthday Party: Part 5, Food & Drinks (maybe do something more healthy? like a green goblin smoothie?)

The Party Wall: Spiderman Birthday Party: Part Food & Drinks I love the Green goblin Punch and Sandman sandwiches!

spiderman birthday cakes | Spiderman Birthday - Pinterest Inspiration Cake

Simple Spiderman cake idea for the boys birthday. The inside is striped white cake with blue. (do blue icing instead of red for Andy)

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party idea cute !

A fun way to dress up boring utensils at a party or shower. wedding-shower-baby-shower-food( could be a cute idea for the bridal shower)

Party Printables | Party Ideas | Party Planning | Party Crafts | Party Recipes | BLOG Bird's Party: Cool Customers: A Marvelous, Spider Hero Birthday Party!

Boys Party Ideas

Spider Hero inspired superhero birthday party ideas with lots fo DIY decorations, party printabels, food, gamesa nd favors!

Homemade Backdrop Ideas | How cool would a paper plate backdrop look at your next party? Learn ...

Circus Party Ideas, Amazing Construction Parties, and How to Make a Paper Plate Backdrop

For photo booth at tea & testimony? How to Make a Paper Plate Backdrop for your Next Party: wish i had it 2 days ago. That would have looked great for my birthday party yesterday.